telc Deutsch B2 - exam

The telc Deutsch B2 exam proves German language skills at the advanced level B2. The exam is suitable for both professional (e.g. medical & nursing staff) and general language purposes.

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General language exam
  • Tests advanced knowledge of German
  • Qualifies for entry into the profession
  • Qualifies for the participation of a medical language course
Vocational language exam
Written and oral exam

telc Deutsch B2 - exam: Description

The telc Deutsch B2 exam consists of a written and an oral part. The written exam consists of the skills reading and language building blocks, listening and writing and lasts 140 minutes without a break. The oral part lasts approximately 15 minutes.

You will receive a certificate attesting to B2 level language proficiency if you achieve 60% of the points. If you achieve less than 60% of the points, only one result sheet will be issued and the language skills on B2 are not proven. It is also possible to pass only a partial result - the written or oral part can be passed. This passed part does not have to be repeated until the end of the following year.

You can download a model test for the telc Deutsch B2 exam as a PDF document from the Telc site to get an initial overview of the exam.

The IIK is an approved telc examination center with a pass rate of almost 70%. We offer the exam only for self-payers or exam repeaters. It is no longer the final exam of professional language courses.
  • qualified proof of German language skills
  • Testing according to globally recognized standard
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    Additional Information

    Course Level

    Language level of the exam: B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

    Course Content

    Examination administration, confirmation of participation and the telc Deutsch B2 certificate.

    Additional Services

    Further information on the exam can also be found on the telc page.

    Target Group

    • German learners who want to prove their B2 language level
    • Medical professionals who would like to prove their B2 language level before attending the specialized language course

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