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Participants in publicly funded courses are subject to seperate terms and conditions. These are announced at the time of registration at our offices.


This translation into English is for information purposes. Only the original German text has legal authority.


1. General requirements for participation

All courses are generally designed for adults. They can be offered in face-to-face or online form. Adolescents over 16 years of age may also participate after consultation and providing a declaration from their legal guardians (release from  obligatory supervision). The courses are not suitable for young people under the age of 16. For homework and self-study or online lessons, a computer or tablet and a sufficient internet connection are required.


2. Bindingness and reservation of a course place

Every written registration, including the submission of WWW course booking forms, is binding and legally obligates the participant to pay for the booked services in full, unless a written declaration of withdrawal from the booked services is made within the cancellation deadlines. Each course booking is alternatively valid for an online course variant corresponding in content and time. Confirmation of registration or issuance of registration certificates will only be issued if the booked service has been paid in full (in the case of four-week and shorter courses) or at least 50% of the course fee has been paid (in the case of programs lasting longer than four weeks) or an original declaration of assumption of cost by a third party is available (e.g. funding or scholarship commitments, declaration of cost assumption by the employer). The critical factor is the receipt of payment on the organizer's account or the presentation of receipted payment documents or cost assumption declarations. Only then the course place is bindingly reserved. Registration certificates issued as originals, which are used to apply for a certificate of residence, must be returned to the IIK in the event of cancellation. Alternatively, the IIK may request a copy (scan is sufficient) of the visa rejection by the German Embassy.

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3. Time of payment

Fees for booked services are to be paid in full in advance. Fees for accommodation services are to be paid at the latest 17 days before the start of the course (12:00 noon German time). If payment has not been made in full by that time, there is no right to further reservation of an accommodation place by the IIK. Fees for course services must be paid in full by the first day of the course. Course and accommodation places will be allocated in the order in which payments are received as long as capacities are available. If there are no more places available on the 1st course day, there is no legal claim to course participation despite payment.

This applies unless other conditions have been explicitly stated and agreed upon in writing for a specific service offer.

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4. Means of payment and fees

In addition to cash payment, payment by credit card, bank transfer, check or EC card is accepted. Bank charges for deposit, check deposit, wire transfer or similar are borne by the course participant.

Credit cards from banks outside the EU are subject to the following fees:

Payment up to 399 Euro                              No fee

Payment up to 999 Euro                              10 Euro

Payment over 999 Euro                               20 Euro


Fee-free transfers from outside the EU are also possible with the TransferMate service.


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5. Cancellation period

A proper cancellation or postponement of a course event and, if applicable, of a booked accommodation is generally possible in writing up to 14 working days (post/email received by 12:00 noon, German time!) before the start of the course, for certain services even later (see respective service description). For training courses and services booked in connection with training courses, a proper notice period of four weeks applies. In case of an ordinary cancellation, the participant will be refunded the full amount paid minus bank and credit card fees. In case of a later cancellation, the full course fee is due. Special cancellation conditions apply to booked exams.

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6. Insurance and liability

The course fee does not include insurance coverage. The course participant is responsible for taking out his/her own health, accident and liability insurance, unless corresponding benefits have been agreed separately. The course participant is liable for all damages culpably caused by him, especially for damages in arranged accommodations.


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7. Inability of the course participant to attend

If a course participant is unable to attend a course in whole or in part after the start of the course for personal reasons (e.g. illness, obstacles under residence law or other personal obligations), he or she has no right to a refund of the course fees or to attend a course at a later date.

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8. Cancellation of a course by the organiser

The organizer (IIK) can cancel a booked course up to two weeks before the course starts. In this case, the organizer will make suitable alternative offers. The implementation of a course in online format instead of face-to-face is not considered a cancellation, as long as the course is equivalent in terms of content and time or the cancellation has to be made due to official orders on site. Upon request, the customer will be refunded the full amount paid without deduction of any processing or bank fees in the event of a course cancellation. In this case, however, there is no claim for reimbursement of reservation costs for travel tickets etc. It is recommended that course participants arrange a travel cancellation insurance.


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9. Teaching materials

Unless otherwise stated, the costs for the textbooks are not included in the course fee.


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10. Course change / course division

Placement in a level is made on the basis of the placement test online or in the institute. There is no right to determine the course time (morning or afternoon). It is determined by the organizer.

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11. Accommodation

The organiser is the landlord of the accommodation arranged by him, i.e. the contractual relationship for the rental exists between the IIK and the course participant.



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12. Data protection

The course participant agrees that the IIK may electronically record and process personal data for the proper execution of the registration, billing and performance verification process.



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13. Severability clause

Should any provision of the Terms and Conditions of Participation and Payment not be legally effective in whole or in part, or should it later lose its legal effectiveness, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.



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14. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf.



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version of: 07.02.2022


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