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Teaching method case: Description

In this training course, we address the question of how learning can be supported. Which didactics, which methods and which other influences promote learning? How can I as a knowledge mediator support successful learning, what should the learning environment look like and what role does my target group play in this? How do I teach in a motivating, action-oriented and sustainable way?

  • Workshops on current methodological approaches and strategies in teaching and training against the background of various learning theories
  • Workshops on topics such as learning motivation, learning profiles, learning goal optimization and learning curiosity. Large practical component as well as time for exchange and supervision

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    Course Level

    German from C1/C2

    Financial Support

    You can fully finance this 5-day training programme with an Erasmus+ grant.

    Funding example

    In the new EU education programme ERASMUS+ you can apply for grants for this training course - travel costs, accommodation, meals and course fees are funded.

    In contrast to the previous application practice, the institutions/employers of teachers must now apply for the scholarships from the respective National Agencies - several scholarships can be applied for directly in one application.

    When you apply, you do not need to pay a deposit. You only pay if you receive a scholarship. Register now! You will receive a provisional registration certificate immediately.

    Additional Services

    • Wifi with free internet use in the training centre at Eulerstrasse 50
    • Extensive leisure programme in July and August
    • Low-cost lunch in the vicinity of the training centre

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    Hotel rooms according to availability: € 456

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