Current information on entering Germany

Please inform yourself in detail about current regulations before you plan your trip.

General information

Since the regulations change relatively often, we refer to the official bodies at this point. The German Federal Ministry of Health offers an overview of corona virus topics and a special page with information on entering Germany.

Nov 23rd, 2020: IMPORTANT UPDATE: On Friday, November 20, 2020, a decision of the Higher Administrative Court of Münster suspended essential elements of the current Corona entry regulation for North Rhine-Westphalia. The regulations of the edict are therefore currently not applied.  

The court calls into question the federal system for the designation of foreign risk areas. The judges are of the opinion that quarantine is not justified if there is no higher risk of infection in the areas of the respective stay than in Germany. Currently, the RKI classifies a quarantine as a risk area regardless of a comparison with the respective infection situation in Germany.
For reasons of transparency, the following explanations have not been taken offline; they are for general information.

Nov 16th, 2020: The new entry regulation regulates these regulations on quarantine measures for entry and return travelers from foreign risk areas in the context of the Corona pandemic. Affected travelers are still required to inform the responsible health authority upon entry and to enter a ten-day quarantine immediately after entry. However, this can no longer be avoided by a negative COVID-19 test before entry or terminated by such a test immediately after entry. With the new entry regulation, a COVID 19 test can now be carried out from the fifth day after entry at the earliest, which ends the quarantine in case of a negative result. The test is free of charge for those affected and is paid for by the health fund.

For entry from foreign risk areas:

1. report to the local health office before arrival

2. 10 days quarantine after arrival

3. 5 days after entry at the earliest, a free corona test can be taken

4. if the result is negative, quarantine can be terminated

Entering Germany: Information from the Federal Ministry of Health

Entry Info

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